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Want to browse some code libraries, without having to download and install the whole lot? Our new source viewer is our first prototype for allowing you to do just that.

Shared Source CLI

You can browse the SSCLI (Shared Source Common Language Infastructure) code from Microsoft. In plain english, this is Microsoft's open working implementation of the CLI and C# language specifications - the technologies at the heart of Microsoft's .NET architecture.

This code is released under a Shared Source initiative. See the license here

Find out more about SSCLI at Microsoft Research

Technology bits

In order to index all the classes and methods, we used static code analysis, using the C# and VB.NET parsers written by the team behind #develop. This also enabled us to embed context-sensitive links within the source code, and syntax highlight as we parse the document.

The AJAX functionality is using the ASP.NET AJAX client and server libraries, plus a bit of extra help from the Mootools library.

Developer Fusion